Case study

Yedda for F&B

CUSTOMER:        A Pizza chain in Mexico


Picture yourself overseeing 100 stores situated in diverse locations, whether it's an individual storefront, within a bustling shopping mall, or nestled within the confines of an airport. Each location possesses its unique characteristics and conditions. The key here is the manager's capability to visually assess the ongoing activities in these stores and devise effective solutions to enhance overall store performance.

What did we do?

Data measured 7 days/week.

The measured areas:

Improve Employee Compliance

Key measurements: staff following SOP’s in specific areas cooking time, instant alert when target time over “X” minutes, food safety monitoring, possible fraud.

Manage Labour Cost

Key measurements: Queuing time, speed of service, staff presence, receiving time, instant alert when target time over “X” minutes, possible fraud.

Increase Sales

Key measurements: Order Accuracy, Speed of service,  Manager presence, Table turn.

SOP Notifications

The Client needed to measure and improve staff compliance and Food Safety. Yedda worked with them to determine their objectives and measurements to address their concerns. Our dashboard is customized to our clients needs. Raw data can be downloaded in multiple formats.

Speed of Service

In an Airport location, speed of service is a key to driving sales and customer satisfaction. 

Yedda Solution:

Increase sales

In a high volume store, table turnover is a key to serving more guests.

Yedda tool provided

4 Key Business Priorities

Increase sales

Increase average checks
Increase customers

Reduce costs

Fraud Detection
Manage Labour cost
Manage cost of Good sold

Improve Customer Experience

Speed of service
Increase Customer satisfaction store

Improve Operational Compliance

Improve Staff Compliance
Food safety

Knowing and improving
your stores' performance

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