Case study

Yedda for DC

CUSTOMER:        DC in Vietnam


The factory spans hundreds of thousands of square feet and employs thousands of staff and various types of equipment. While a sizable factory offers economies of scale, it also brings about higher overhead costs, increased complexity, and heightened risks.

How can you measure all the activities inside the factory and prevent risk, to ensure their company safety standards where adhered.

What did we do?

Data measured 7 days/ week

The measured area: 


Key measurements: MHE/ staff safety, productivity, quality.


Key measurements: MHE/ staff safety, productivity, quality.

MHE charging room

Key measurements: safety and work regulation.

Speed of Service

The client wanted to measure and improve staff compliance within a specific area. Their aim was to reduce number of non-compliance down to 0. 

SOP Notifications

Yedda collaborated with the client to indentified their main safety concerns. Special emphasis was based on monitoring Critical notifications (measured 24h/day).

Yedda’s system also provided samples of good compliance behaviors for reinforcing client’s SOP training and to encourage safety compliance behavior.

After the intitial stage, the client started to: 

Knowing and improving
your DC'performance

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