Drive performance

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction, improve safety performance and SOP compliance, and realize staff potential by measuring performance and behaviour

Deliver topline growth

Create or enhance a performance-based culture by measuring staff actions, and increase consistency in client satisfaction

Delight customers

Establish consistent, measurable KPI’s across your organization to ensure a uniform customer experience

Foster staff learning, development, every day

Store-level managers begin their day with video highlights and lowlights from the previous day, identifying areas of success and opportunities for improvement

Objective staff evaluation

Hard data and video evidence allow for unbiased employee appraisals, enabling team leaders to manage better

Resource and utilization

Identify peak customer/staff ratio, high and low performing retail areas, and capacity utilization


Managers take data-based decisions and quick corrective actions. Now

Both our phone App and Desktop software allow managers to view real-time CCTV footage and make data-informed decisions.

Our software analyses the footage data and advises your staff on the plans of action.