Retailers lose
1-3% of revenue

on fraud and theft

Wrong-doing at the point of sale

Fraud at the cashier is the most significant source of loss. Draft, fake, voided, old or no invoice is issued. The transaction is not being recorded at the cashier, and the money can be taken by the dishonest employee without being noticed. Yedda's fraud detection has an unmatched success rate in detection of wrong doing at the point of sale

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Sensitive areas protection

Safe boxes, Fire doors, sensitive displays and other sensitive areas. Based on pre-defined protocol, real-time alerts are being sent, together with a video evidence, whenever security is being bridged

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Night deliveries and storage areas

Loading/unloading goods is a sensitive part of the supply chain. Yedda system detects wrong-doing and sends immediate video evidence for suspected incidents

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Shop lifting prevention

Straight forward detection and real-time alerting. Based on algorithmic probability calculations, the system ‘decides’ which cases should be monitored closely. For example, every time an open bag is placed on a display table, active tracking of the bag owner actions is automatically activated

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