Case study

Yedda for CVS

CUSTOMER:        Convenient store in Thailand


Imagine your company has 5% of unknown loss, of which the majority could not be identified of where it came from. You're aware of the issue, and take action by implementing a team of 70 people to monitor the 300 stores via CCTV. And the loss reduces from 5% to 4%.

The traditional approach you've attempted has proven time-consuming and resource-intensive, yielding minimal results.

What did we do?

Data measured 7 days/ week

The measured area: 


Key measurements: Possible fraud, Queuing time, staff presence, operation standard.

Receiving point

Key measurements: Possible fraud, work regulation, operation standard.

In store

Key measurements: Speed of service, staff presence, possible fraud, operation standard.

SOP Shrinkage reduction in Convenience Store

Yedda worked with the client to define:

Direct access into Yedda's system is given to floor managers & relevant managers at different levels 

Hygiene and Food safety

The evaluation of QA team is not reflecting correct hygiene level at the stores. 

Yedda set up different reports / access to different level of managers in real-time / daily / weekly basis.

Implement quickly effective process between Yedda-Client and between relevant managers in client's organization for quick action upon the detection.

2 Key Business Priorities

Reduce costs

Improve Customer Experience

Knowing and improving
your conversions

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