Stay healthy and stay safe

For your guests and staffs

"This week, there was 100% compliance across all restaurants. We'll keep improving. This very smart solution is provided by our partners Yedda"

Mr. Anhul Chauhan - CEO of Pizza Hut Vietnam

At Yedda, we understand the severity of the situation, and we are devoted to helping companies do their part to help themselves and their communities to withstand this crisis.

To that end, we are deploying a new product to ensure that those communities that are reengaging and reopening can also ensure healthy habits and safety protocols are being followed. Employing a combination of AI and human analysis, we can measure nearly every visual action in all your locations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect your business and your community.

Our technology can connect to your CCTV feed and help ensure that your staff and customers are complying with safety guidelines.

By measuring compliance, and alerting you in real time to any deviations, you can help assure the safety and satisfaction of your customers and reduce the risk of infection in your establishment.

We offer a comprehensive set of basic, essential measurements to confirm:

Getting started is simple, fast and risk-free

If violations to any defined metrics are observed, notifications will be sent in real time to the right people on your team via our integrated mobile app so your management can resolve the issues quickly.

We believe this system can add value to your business by enabling you to provide increased security and comfort to your customers.