Unbiased staff valuation

Over 90% of retailers, evaluate their in-store teams mainly based on sales results. This leads to a ‘Halo effect’, which is a biased evaluation that relates to the store location. Yedda system creates unbiased valuation that present each of the ‘pre-sales’ activities, based on pre-determined ‘weights’ set by management

Process measurement

Based on the importance (‘weight’) of each component of staff activity, the system evaluates the performance in a fair and unbiased way. Valuating not only ‘based on sales’ but also based on the effort in the pre-sale activities

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Personal trainner

Our digitized Yedda Angel ’Angie’, helps managers to make sure their attention and awareness is in the place management wants it to be. It measures the length of time it took to make a corrective action, as part of the total valuation

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Competition module

Based on the targets and the importance (weight) of each, scoring is automatically done. Stores see in a clear visual way what their scoring is, and their store’s rank in the company’s ‘league’. The league is dynamic, friendly and driving stores to strive for excellence

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