Trainning tools

Managers receive on a daily basis, short videos from CCTV recording, notifying excellent/need to improve incidents (based on management definitions). These videos are automatically stored and labeled for training purposes

Real case videos

Based on management definition, real cases videos are automatically recorded. Demonstrating service patterns (Ex. the technique products are being presented) and incidents (Ex: non-serviced customer). The videos are automatically labeled and saved on a training library

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Improvement tracker

You can set ‘Day 0‘, a day that a campaign was launched/ HR change was done/sales protocol was changed. And track the performance as of ‘Day 0”. Insights relating to patterns changes and the impact of the change will be automatically presented as insights

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IF THEN simulator

An algorithmic simulator that forecasts the impact of a change in a store. For example: what will be the impact on revenue if customers will stay 2 more minutes in the store on Monday morning/will visit priority area or offered a complimentary product. Yedda's algorithm analyzes big data and offers strong forecasting tools each stores. This feature provides a comprehensive training tool for managers

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This feature is available six months after deployment, due to Big data volume requirements