Improve sales

People are great. They want to succeed, and they want to improve. Once giving them the tools and awareness, service parameters, customer experience and sales will be improved. Always

Unlock in-store staff potential

If selected and trained correctly, the in-store staff are driven by success, and wish to provide high level service to customers. Awareness and Quantifying are usually the problems. When servicing many customers daily, it is easy to ‘forget’ some of the instructions. Yedda creates ongoing awareness to each and every part of the sales/ service protocol. We do that by turning every action into numeric results that are simplified and presented real-time to store managers

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Quick corrective actions

Real real-time knowledge is an extremely powerful tool to improve service parameters. On Yedda’s Application, each store manager receives his service related parameters real-time, together with on time reports and immediate alerts and notifications

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Well defined targets

Once service related actions are being measured, it can be quantified. Define numeric targets (for example: all customers should be approached within 30sec), and see in a clear way if targets are being met. Using Algorithmic modeling, Yedda system is able to set individual dynamic targets, for each store, as per management guidelines

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Feedback sales teams on their in-store performances

Based on the targets set by management, a digital trainer ‘speaks’ with each store in real-time- helping store managers achieve their targets. Using instantly recorded videos from the CCTV system , store managers can visually see where their team did well, and where more attention should be given

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