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Measuring key success factors, quantifying them and sending feedback in real-time to the sales team based on their performances

Measuring key success factors

For the first time, actions on the sales floor can be measured. How many customers were approached. How many products were shown to each of them, and whether each product was presented in the correct way

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Quantify Targets

Once it is possible to measure the actions on the sales floor, it can be quantified. Define numeric targets (for example at least 80% of visitors should be approached within 30sec), and see in a clear way if targets are being met. Using Algorithmic modeling, Yedda system is able to set individual dynamic targets, for each store, as per management guidelines

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Consistent, Long-term improvement

Based on the targets and the importance (weight) of each, scoring is automatically done. Stores see in a clear visual way their what is their scoring, and store’s rank in the company’s ‘league’. The league is dynamic, friendly and driving stores to strive for excellence

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Feedback sales teams on their in-store performances

Based on the targets set by management, a digital trainer ‘speaks’ with each store in real-time, helping store managers achieve their targets. Using instantly recorded videos from the CCTV system , store managers can visually see where their team did well, and where more attention should be given

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