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Setting priority areas is pretty common in retail. Measuring the percentage of visitors in these areas, segmenting them, and influencing their conversion was never possible until now

Measuring priority areas

If you wish to drive customers to specific (priority) areas, you should start with measuring for example, How many customers actually visit priority areas? In which stores? What time of the day? What is their gender? For the first time such deep measurements can be done

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Impact high quality sales

Once measuring the activity in priority areas, the impact and correlation between visiting in such areas and the purchase is clearly shown. In most cases priority areas has positive correlation with sales only in some stores/days/time of the day. Using this knowledge leads to better instructions from management regarding such areas

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Setting targets to increase profitability

Once the activity that relates to each product type is being measured, it can be quantified. Define numeric targets (for example 50% of customers shown be lead to area X), and see in a clear way if the target is being met. Using Algorithmic modeling, Yedda system is able to set individual dynamic targets, for each store, as per management guidelines

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Feedback sales teams on their in-store performances

Based on the targets set by management, a digital trainer ‘speaks’ with each store in real-time, helping store managers achieve their targets. Using instantly recorded videos from the CCTV system , store managers can visually see where their team did well, and where more attention should be given

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