Performing better, consistently

On shelves out of stock prevention. Better store administration: on time open-closing, maintenance, display windows, operations protocols enforcement - or in short Doing better, Consistently

On shelves out of stock prevention

Alering real-time ‘on-shelf out of stock’ for each of your SKU’s. Managers receive real-time alert which SKU is not available on the shelf. Respond time is being measured, and if escalation is required, the system is doing that automatically, as per pre-defined management guidelines.

Out of stock notifications are accompanied by a before-after time stamped image

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Strore administration

Based on pre-defined ‘rules’ the system automatically checks open-closing time of each store. On time execution of maintenance procedures (Ex. Restroom cleaning times), and notification are being sent to managers, higher awareness is required

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Operation protocols enforcement

An automated ‘checklist’ with key operational in-store parameters is being automatically monitored. Daily/ weekly reports are sent to relevant managers, and video evidence for required corrective actions is sent real-time to managers

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