Knowledge based decisions

Once management gets real-time data from the sales floor, managers can take knowledge based decisions, quick corrective actions where needed, and create better short and long term planning

Real-time data from sales floor

Real-time data from all stores on your desktop and mobile. A number of visitors (head-count). Number of sales opportunities (a family/couple is one sales opportunity although few visitors entered). Customer journey. Points of attraction (Anchors). Service patterns. Queuing and cashier activity . For the first time deep measurements can be gathered, real-time

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How many customers are served per staff member (Stress Tests). Customer’s behavior patterns in different stores/ days/ time of the day. Based on straight forward management’s point of interest Yedda system’s algorithm generates straight forward insights that will surprise even the most experienced retailer

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Once insights are presented, on demand, in a simplified/deeper way. Management knows What Is Going On (Yedda), and set clear targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will reflect how in-store activity should look like

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Corrective actions

Real Real-time knowledge is extremely powerful. Instead of receiving presentations of high profile research companies, that are more of a “post-mortem” analysis. Taking quick corrective actions when needed is a key source for competitive advantage

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