HR optimization

Higher productivity per working hour

Better Staff Scheduling

'Stress tests’ including how many customers are served per hour by each present staff member. At each of the stores, at any given date/time of the day.

Once this ratio is a ‘working tool’ used by HR department, together with recommendations for the optimized ratio. Staff scheduling is optimized, pressure is leveled, and better service and sales results are achieved

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Better Staff alocation

Manage by knowing. In-store traffic per hour. Peak times. Density and ‘stress test’ parameters enable HR and operations to use existing personnel in a way that will enable better operational and financial results

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Physical presence/location measuring

Unfortunately, having six people registered/ signed in, in a shift, doesn’t mean that six people are present at the store. Yedda system actively check every 3-5 minutes and number and in-store location of the staff

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Higher productivity/Hour

'What gets measured, get managed’. Numeric productivity indicators, such as optimal/average service time per customer and number of sales opportunities per hour. Leads to better planning and higher productivity per hour

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