Know your customers

How many potential customers are walking next to each of your stores? What are their gender, age group and grouping patterns? Their in-store journey patterns prior Vs. following the campaign launch. Extremely deep knowledge of each of your loyal customers, prior to her purchase decision

Outdoor traffic and dwelling

Measuring how many people passed next to each of your stores. How many of them entered directly, how many were looking at your show-case (and for how long), and how many left without entering.

These indicators provide clear understanding which of your stores is an ‘anchor’. You can check new showcase designs before launching

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You can know, real-time, how many people pass next to your stores, and how many enter. You get a snapshot of who are they, their gender, age group, if they shop alone, in couples or in group.

The traffics and segmentations are different, of course, in different stores, time of the day, and the day of the week. So Yedda system sends you algorithmic based, tailored recommendations to help you optimize of promotions and tailor your offerings

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In-depth analysis of customer behavior

How long do they stay in the store and where? How many products they are looking at? In depth knowledge of your customers is a source of a long-term competitive advantage

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Know more about your loyal customers

If you have a loyalty program. You have the records of purchasing history of your loyal customers. Furthermore, Yedda can help you adding analysis of their in-store behavior patterns, hesitations and purchase considerations can lead to significantly better-tailored offerings. Much like leading online companies are studying their website visitors - you can now know better each of your loyal customers

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