Alignment with operations and in-store teams

As both marketing and on-ground sales teams knows What Is Going ON (Yedda), clear targets are set and expected results can be compared with the actual ones

True alignment

Alignment is a critical factor in company’s success. An orchestra, where all are playing the same tune.Once to marketing , management and the in-store teams, knows What is Going On (Yedda) in the stores, and one clear measured set of targets is determined, an important part of true alignment is in place

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Real-time feedback from sales floor

As part of the daily working routine, and interaction with their digital ‘personal trainer’, the sales teams in the stores, sends feedback on products, customers requests and feelings. This is a new stream of data that reach marketers

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Dynamic targets

Once sales floor activity is being measured and quantified. Priorities for presenting certain products can be easily set as part of the measured targets. Means, marketing can influence where customers will be guided to, and which products will be presented to them. Once marketing and operations are working in alignment, a lot of fraction (waste) is being saved

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Corrective actions

Real real-time is all about quick corrective actions. Think about your online sales channel. Much like you will quickly change web - banner location, if it doesn’t generate traffic. You can now take corrective actions, based on real-time data that was never available before

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