Case study

Stress (Test)

CUSTOMER: Mediterranean l Fashion


“It’s not possible to serve all clients”. “We don’t have enough people”. These were routine complaints in operational meetings. HR had traditionally received quotas of staff per store based on employees/revenue ratio.

The funny thing is, it’s a bit like the chicken & the egg. Revenue didn’t go up since there were not enough personnel, and the personnel number was not increased since revenue was not enough. For a mid-market, fast fashion retailer that operates in a cut-throat, competitive environment with 67 stores, adding employees was a life or death decision.


With Yedda it was a click of a button. A simple, accurate staff/client ratio indicator on HR’s dashboard had shown exactly how many employees needed to be added/deducted in each store at every hour of the day.

A well-educated ‘make a forecast’ button had increased the labor efficiency by over 25%!

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