Case study

The Bottom Line

CUSTOMER: EU | Jewelry


What gets measured gets done.

In a high-end European jewelry chain (390 stores) the sales protocol was based on over 40 years of experience. Welcoming potential clients and ‘touring’ the store with them was a keystone.

When the chain had 20 stores it was relatively easy to make sure employees were following the protocol. However, when the chain got larger, no one even had the slightest idea what the actual percentage of clients being serviced in each store was.


It took less than a week to see on Yedda’s interface that less than 60% of the clients were being serviced (in stores with only 4-9 clients per hour!).

It took less than a month to increase this percentage to over 95%.

Knowing and improving
your conversions

What is Conversion rate?

Conversion is a success measurement. This is one of the most important numbers in retail. If 100 sales opportunities, resulted in 20 sales, thus 20% is your conversion rate.

Yedda Increase conversion rate (On Av.) by 21%?

Correct. Since service, operations and other key success factors, will be measured and, quantified, and set as clear targets to managers. More sales opportunities will turn into sales.

What about other conversions?

Conversion is a key, and it doesn’t have to be for sales only. We measure conversion of opportunities to result, based on the different steps in your sales process. The important thing is that for the first time, different steps of in-store sales protocol can be measured. And once the success of each step is measured, targets can be set, and success rate can be improved.