Use AI to measure, drive action and improve

At Yedda, our mission is to help our partners succeed—regardless of the industry, regardless of the metrics, we enable improvement.

Food retail

Significantly reduce financial losses, enhance security.

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Unveil strategic insights for maximizing your restaurant's revenue.

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Enhance safety, boost productivity and secure sustainability and growth.

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Ensure processes are completed more efficiently and safely.

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Malls & Department stores

Fashion & Cosmetics

Consumer Goods

Tailored AI

How Yedda's system works

For Corporates 

Yedda is an Artificial Intelligence Augmentation (AIA) company that deploys Purpose-built, Plug and Play, and Tailored AI and IA solutions for clients in Retail, Logistics, QSR, and other industries.

Yedda provides clients with real-time access to visual data, helping them to utilize their CCTV systems to optimize performance.

For Consulting Professionals 

Better data leads to better project results—and at Yedda, we can capture and measure virtually any visual action to help your project deliver success.

We have ready-made solutions for several industries, and can curate new solutions based on your needs.

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For AI Professionals

We can deliver Visual data annotation—for both images and videos—to improve and train existing models for large scale projects or for ongoing needs for AI powerhouses.

Dynamic collaboration

An integrated team works carefully with clients to ensure the best outcome

When you partner with Yedda.AI, you are joining an ecosystem that believes strongly in

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR work, we provide employment, training, and development opportunities to members of the disabled community, more than 100 of whom have joined Yedda as full-time employees.

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Based in Ho Chi Minh City, with a presence in Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tel Aviv

Serving clients across many sectors, including QSR’s retail, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution centers

Partnering with over 30 large organizations throughout South East Asia and The Americas

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